I am not. I am operating under “Oregon’s Cottage Food Law”, which means that although my kitchen does not require a health department inspection; I could be subject to one at any time. So that means I keep my kitchen, my tools, and myself clean and sanitized for your safety! I am also required to follow all health and safety requirements laid out by the Oregon Health Department plus carry a current food handlers safety certificate.

And, although, my bakery isn’t currently subject to domestic kitchen laws, Ambers GF Bakery is a registered with the state of Oregon, and licensed by the city of Tualatin.

I also follow all FDA guidelines for a dedicated Gluten-Free facility and labeling. And, trust me, I KNOW how important it is to follow this to a “T”.

If you have any comments or concerns, feel free to ask!

FAQ: “Are you bakes nut-free?”

All of my flours and ingredients are nut-free, unless the recipe calls for nuts or you want me to add them. My kitchen is not dedicated nut-free though, so it may not be safe for severe allergies. If you’re wondering if a bake has nuts added – Just Ask!

I do use xanthan gum in many of the recipes. It may be left out on request. Just Ask!

Well, just like any kitchen/food service you can never be 100% sure. Restaurants score low and fail inspections all the time! In fact, one of the reasons I decided to open my own bakery is because I worked for one that was utterly disgusting in their health, hygiene and sanitation practices. And, they are a fully licensed food service business!

Although my kitchen isn’t commercially licensed, I am subject to inspections. And, regardless of that, I have high standards when it comes to cleanliness in my kitchen!

My commitment to you is this…..

My kitchen, my tools, and me are cleaned and sanitized multiple times/day.

I use gloves when mixing things by hand and packaging already baked foods.

I keep foods stored safely and properly.

I check ingredients for expiration and quality before using them.

Other people in my house do not use the kitchen when I’m baking/packaging.

I do not have any pets in my house – let alone my kitchen.

If me or anyone in my household isn’t feeling well, I will not be baking.

I have a food handlers certification and follow guidelines set out by the Oregon Health Department.

Once I’ve confirmed your order, I’ll email you an invoice. You can choose to pay via Credit Card, Venmo, or CashApp. If you’re an established customer you can pay with cash and check too!

When you fill out your order form you will choose a ONE HOUR window starting time. That is the time I will place your order (with your name on it) in the pickup area, on my front porch. Then I will leave it there for up to ONE HOUR. If you’re not able to pick it up within that time frame, I will put it in the freezer, and you will need to contact me to reschedule your pickup via our agreed upon communication method.

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY OR KNOCK ON THE DOOR FOR ANY REASON. Bakery is located in a private family home.

I am happy to deliver right to your home or office within 15 miles of my Tualatin, OR bakery.

There is a small delivery fee for addresses more than 2 miles away.

Up to 2 miles: FREE

3-5 miles: $5

5-10 miles: $8

10-15 miles $10

If you would rather do FREE contactless pickup, please indicate that on your order form.

Yes! I have celiac disease and have been Gluten-Free for 20+ years. So, I take this very seriously for you and for me.

Most recipes can be modified for most dietary restrictions? Just Ask!

The only modification that can’t be made is the use of artificial sweeteners.

First of all, I am so sorry! My goal is to make you and your GF heart sing – not cry. But, if that’s the case please just tell me – reach out via my online comment form or email. I don’t issue refunds, unless I completely botch something or it’s an emergency situation. But, I do want to make it right! As a small business, negative public reviews have the potential to ruin me, so please give me a chance to make it right before you leave a review. Thank you.

 Sweet rice flour, brown rice flour, potato starch, sorghum flour, tapioca flour, xanthan gum

Croissant flour contains the following, and cannot be modified at this time: Sorghum, tapioca, rice, inulin, millet rice bran, xanthan gum, yeast, psyllium husk

Currently, because my bakery is under the cottage food law restrictions, I cannot offer this. But, once I’m able to open a Tualatin storefront location, I’ll be taking online orders. Until then, please fill out an order form and I’ll get back to with a confirmation and invoice ASAP. Please submit at least 24 hours in advance.