Ambers Story & Plans

Hello again, Gluten-Free friends (and those that love us).

I’m Amber, mom of two, wife, entrepreneur, nature lover, baker, foodie, and health crusader. I believe what we put into our bodies makes a huge difference in our health and quality of life. And, although Gluten is OK for some of us to eat, it’s very detrimental to the rest of us! And, I know that eating exclusively Gluten-Free can definitely be a challenge.

I first started experimenting with Gluten-Free living in 2001. By doing so, it solved a lot of my health problems, like frequent migraines and pet allergies to name just a couple. Then, a few years later I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and went completely Gluten-Free for life (GFFL). Even though I was well versed in healthy eating and loved to cook/bake from scratch, it was still a challenge – the biggest challenge was eating out.

Over the years eating out has gotten a lot easier (we’re blessed to live not only near a foodie hub, but also one of the most Gluten-Free friendly places in the country), but it’s still a challenge. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of scouring the internet for a place to meet your friends for coffee and a treat that’s safe? And, then what’s worse, is a lot of those places list “Gluten-Free” options but have very limited options. I can’t count how many times, I have gone somewhere where I thought I’d have options – walked up to the counter to order, only to find they’ve run out of those options? So maddening!

And, let’s talk about those Gluten-Free options?!?! I know I’m not the only one that feels like most taste like an afterthought. And, that makes me feel like an afterthought. I’m tired of feeling like an afterthought, and I know I’m not alone. Since moving outside of Portland, it’s even worse! So, that’s why I started Amber’s Gluten Free Bakery – to be a place you can count on to always have dedicated Gluten-Free treats available that are not only super tasty, but also reasonably priced. I have a true love and passion that’s infused into every step of my baking creations!

Currently, I can only offer porch pickup or delivery.

I do not have a storefront…yet! But, that’s what I’m working on. In 2023 I hope to expand to a storefront and gathering spot in Tualatin – a space for everyone in the community that feels like home away from home – a space to support other local creatives and businesses. And, although my current kitchen and future space are dedicated Gluten-Free; Gluten eaters are more than welcome to join in! Now and in my future storefront. So, in the meantime, check out my regular menu and seasonal menu. Place an order and tell your friends. If you have any questions – Just ask!

Much Love,

PS – I deliver up to 15 miles away from Tualatin for a small fee.